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The people in Steinnes

Jón Árni Magnússon and Berlgind Bjarnadóttir.

Jón Árni og Berglind

 Magnús Jósefsson and Líney Árnadóttir

Magnús og Líney


Steinnes is a horse breeding farm in North Iceland that has been known for som time for successful breeding. It has often been nominated as The Breeding Farm of the Year in East - Húnavatnssýsla and also as The Breeding Farm of the Year in Iceland. Some well known horses come from Steinnes such as the successful stallion Kiljan frá Steinnesi who now lives in Danmark and Gammur the handsome cool guy that everyone loves and has given us an abundance of the kindest horses. 

In Steinnes we also have Galsi Horserental, our nice Airbnb accommodation as well as our traditional sheep farm.